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2005 Match Results

Last Revised On
JULY 20, 2021

2005 NRA National State Team Postal Match - (5/29/2005)

2005 Vermont High Power Championship - 5/28/2005

2005 Vermont High Power Prone Championship - (5/29/2005)

2005 Vermont M1 Garand Match - (5/29/2005)

2005 Vermont CMP Service Rifle “Leg” Match - 5/30/2005

Claude Trahan and Steve Lawler

Claude Trahan (left) of Burlington VT, a member of the All Guard Rifle Team, accepts the VT Service Rifle Championship Trophy and the VT Prone Service Rifle Trophy from Steve Lawler of Northfield VT, Match Director of the Vermont State High Power Matches and VP of High Power Shooting for the VSRPA.

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