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CMP NE CUP & Games

Last Revised On:
May 9, 2019

For the 2019 New England CMP Cup & Games Matches, which will be held at Camp Ethan Allen Training Site (CEATS) located in Jericho, Vermont from 9/16 thru 9/22, the VSRPA has arranged for the use of CEATS Barracks and the Mess Hall. 

Barracks / Lodging
The Barracks we have requested are comprised of 1, 2, 4, 12 and 24 bed rooms.  Most rooms have a small refrigerator in them, along with fans and clocks.  Each of the two barracks buildings also have a lounge area with a wide-screen TV, along with separate bathrooms for men and women.  Rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, with preference being given to individuals who request bunking with their friends and associates.  Beds will be billed at $20 per night with payment made in advance, and you must provide your own bedding, pillows. towels, etc.

Mess Hall / Food
In regards to meals, the VSRPA has arranged to have the Mess Hall open.  To avoid wasting food and incurring unnecessary costs, meals will be provided for those that have paid in advance.

Breakfast will be served in the Mess Hall in the morning and will cost $7.  Bag / box lunches will be available for pick-up at breakfast and across the morning and will cost $9.  Dinners will be served in the Mess Hall and will cost $12. 

To register for Barracks and / or Meals, please use the attached form.  At this time the VSRPA does not accept Credit Cards, so please plan on mailing in the attached form to the address provided, or otherwise plan to pay for Barracks and Meals when you arrive and register with the CMP onsite.

2019 NE CMP Cup & Games - Barracks & Meals Sign-up Form

Any questions, issues or comments about this sign-up process, please email the VSRPA secretary, or call the secretary at (802) 485-6818; no reservations or meals can be accepted without payment.

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