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VSRPA High Power Rifle

Last Revised On
JULY 20, 2021


Mat Viau (left foreground) spots for Bruce Baroffio, Northfield - Garand in hand at 600 yards...

Emery "Ace" Bassett - 2005 Prone Match Rifle Champion

The VSRPA is a member club of the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen Clubs, and it is the Federation that we trust to fight for our rights in Vermont.  Please consider donating to their defense fund - see this link.

Click Here for the VSRPA 2019 Shooting Schedule

VSRPA Match Results

2019 VT State Championships

2019 VSRPA NRA Matches

2019 VT CMP Games & Other CMP Matches

High Power Clinics

  • May 11
  • June 22

**Please Note:

  1. The VT High Power Rifle Championship, VT High Power Prone Championship all use the same Registration Package.
  2. All Scheduled events take place at the Camp Ethan Allen Training Site (CEATS), located in Bolton / Jericho, VT.  A map to the CEATS can be downloaded from here (this map is also provided in Registration Package).
  3. Participation at any shooting event at CEATS requires that each nonmilitary attendee sign a Liability Waiver (this waiver is also provided in Registration package).

Emery “Ace” Bassett, Essex Jct - 2005 Prone MR Champion

Larry Racine

Larry Racine, North Swanzey, NH

Dave Dow

Dave Dow, Old Town, ME

Mitchell Clark

Mitchell Clark, Huntington VT - All Guard Rifle Team

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