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Women Training Women

Last Revised On:
May 24, 2018

The VSRPA is proud to directly support the education and training of women who are interested in learning about firearms, firearm safety and the fun of shooting.

Broken out into two coverage areas, North and South, our team of NRA certified instructors, the first all-female instructor team we are aware of, brings the right mix of expertise, skill, commitment and congeniality to firearms education for women.

At present, our two teams are busy building their schedules, and you can expect that these schedules will be published here in the near future.

While in the past this instruction has been based on the NRA’s Women On Target (WOT) program, and that involvement may continue this year through the efforts of the Northern Team, the Southern Team has formed into a separate group and will be running their events under their own program.

The VSRPA will be supporting these events by posting schedules, in addition to providing these teams with rifles, pistols and ammunition to help keep costs low.

Please check back regularly for updates on the schedule.

Got questions?  Drop an email to for more information.

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